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5 Inexpensive Beginner-Friendly Business Ideas to Make Money Online

If you are looking to find out, what is the best business for a beginner or what small business can you start, you’re in the right place.

We are confident that a few business ideas below will give you a good start in generating a decent income and becoming a successful business owner.

1. Start a Dropshipping Business

Dropshipping is simple and great way to start a business if you’d like to open an online store, but don’t have products to sell.

In a dropshipping business, the seller accepts customer orders, but does not stock or own inventory. Here’s how it works:

  1. Customers place orders with your online store.

  2. Your store sends the order information to your dropshipping supplier.

  3. Your dropshipping supplier prepares and ships your customers’ orders.

The success in dropshipping is achieved by selling high-demand products and finding the reliable and trustworthy suppliers.

With BrusselsMara you can achieve both above. BrusselsMara comes with some of the best dropshipping apps like Printful and Syncee.

Syncee: Syncee is one of the best apps to find millions of products and connect with thousands of reliable suppliers from all around the world. The setup is simple. Simply head to the apps in your portal and search for Syncee or dropshpping apps. Signup for free with Syncee and start sourcing. Manage all your dropshipping bits right from your BrusselsMara platform.

Printful: If you're a musician, influencer, an artist, a social media icon or you just simply want to start your own brand and make it stand-out from the others. Start a print-on-demand business with Printful. You don't hold any stock and only place the order with your suppliers when you have one from your customer. Customize common products with your own designs and sell them under your own brand. Here's how it works:

  • Choose a design you want on the products you want to sell (t-shirts, mugs, caps, etc) and list them on your store.

  • Customer will see the products on your online store and will order their choice.

  • Your store sends the customer's order to your supplier.

  • The supplier prints your customer's order on the product and ships it directly to your customer.

Your BrusselsMara account will come pre-installed with Printful App. The setup is easy and fun to manage right from your portal.

2. Sell Homemade Food and Drinks

If you're a lover of brewing your own ginger drinks, creating your own blend of fruit juices or dream of running a catering service then turn that skill or dream in action. It all depends on how you want it to be. You can sell home made food, burgers, birthday cakes, daily meals for local community centres or offices, offer non-alcohol beverages for parties, sell desserts and whatever comes your mind. Having a platform on BrusselsMara will help you market and manage your homemade food business no matter how simple or complex it is.

3. Launch an Online Clothing and Accessories Store

If you love to dress well and understand fashion, why not turn that passion into a successful clothing and accessories online store. Sourcing is easy. You can find lots of fashion apparel suppliers locally as well as internationally or source it from the thrift suppliers and sell them from your online store as well as social media channels and physical stores. Perhaps you can start your own brand of selling mixed clothing and accessories. It's all very easily achievable.

4. Resell Products From Local Businesses

Another great way of making a success in a business start is to resell the products from local wholesalers and suppliers. Everyone finds it easy to search for products online instead of instead of going from one place to another. With a reasonable mark-up you can provide everything your customers need on your website and social media channels. Easy way to make a customer base and a good presence online. Let millions of people discover your store, create a decent traffic and before you know, your online store can be a great success.

5. Sell Digital Products

Digital products are a famous choice amongst many people and they're simple and easy to manage. No need for inventories and shipping worries, which makes it good choice to start your online store. You don't have to be a programmer to create a software and sell the license online. There are many digital products that you can sell. We have listed a few below:

  1. Ebooks - Such as: Student books, guides, magazines, stories, Novels, Comics and more.

  2. Music and Audio products like audio books, audio novels, etc

  3. Tutorials - Video or audio training content

  4. Software - Become a Reseller.

  5. Blue prints and plans

  6. Receipes

  7. Tickets

  8. Photographs - Art, wildlife, Fashion, Architecture, etc

  9. Posters

  10. Maps

Put You Business Idea in Action

The online technologies make is easy and provide lots of user-friendly tools to start any business of any size. Starting a business doesn't mean you need to have huge amount of capital or special skills. As you can see, the business ideas listed above prove that you can start a business with a low capital.

With BrusselsMara, you can create and launch your successful ecommerce website. The beauty is that you don't need to worry about the tech bit, as we have taken care of that for you.

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