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Become a Merchant and sell your products everywhere. Seriously!

We have made online selling easier and fun.

Create beautiful websites and online stores for your business from the ready-made templates.  Sell on FaceBook, Instagram, Snapchat, Google and more. Try it for free, you'll love it.

Unlike our competitors, we charge 0% commission on your sales. Whatever profits you make is yours completely.

We know time is money.

It only takes 45 minutes to create a beautiful and ready to sell website on average.

We can help you get started if you're on a tight schedule.


Simple Management

Your dashboard allows you to seamlessly control everything. Centralised inventory, order management, pricing and more. Our mobile app makes it easier for you to manage your business on the go. With your phone, you can update your store, fulfill orders, contact customers and more. Your changes are automatically synced between mobile app and your online store.

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Sign up for a Free Trial

Use your email address and register for 14 days free trial. Your store will be ready for setup immediately.

Setup your Store

Setup your store, products, prices, etc. Use our Instant Site option to build an amazing website or build your own if you wish to. Select the payment gateway that suits your business needs.

Start Selling

That's it. You're all set. Make sales. Make money :)

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Make your business grow faster

We've got you covered with easy-to-use marketing tools like MailChimp, Facebook and Google advertising to grow your business faster. Create, manage and track you advertisement all from a single dashboard.

Build your online store. Start selling now!

Customer Service

Live Support

We are always live to support you whenever you need us.


App Store

Enhance your store with Apps and tools from our partners. Make your customer's experience great!


Mobile Management

Managing your store has never been easier. Our mobile app helps you manage your store from wherever you are.