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Sell wherever, whenever and grow your business fast. 

One place to manage all your sales channels easily.


Multiple channels to sell your products - It's the way forward.

As a consumer, people tend to inquire and browse everywhere before purchasing what they want. Selling everywhere is crucial to flourish your business in the future. If you're not already offering your products on different sale channels and devices, now is the time. We will setup to help you to sell everywhere with ease. Sell on your website, social media, marketplaces, in-store and on-the-go.

Your important data like Orders, Inventories, Prices, etc are automatically synced so that you can track your business from anywhere and avoid any errors.

Your very own Branded Mobile App

Let your customers buy from you while they're on the go.

BrusselsMara provides you with your own branded iOS and Android app for your customers to buy from their mobile devices and make easy checkouts with Apple Pay and others.
Your app and online store are fully synced in the cloud. Any changes you make in Prices, Quantity, Images, etc will automatically be synced with the app. 

Mobile Phone

Facebook Store in minutes

Start your Facebook store right. You've been social sharing? Forget it. Start social selling.

We will setup integrations to allows you to easily add, promote and sell your products on Facebook with just a few clicks.

Your Facebook store is the first step to selling on Instagram. Simply use BrusselsMara's Facebook integration to connect your store and start selling on Instagram business account.

Bright Gradient

Point of Sale 

BrusselsMara provides you the facility to connect your online store with the Point of Sale of your choice. 

Our deep integration ensures that your online store and in-store data is automatically synced in the cloud, saving your precious time and allowing you to focus more on providing your customers an exceptional experience.

Accept payments online and off-line. At a market place, in a car or on your website. Wherever you want. 

Choose amongst 3 powerful POS systems and you're all set.
(Subject to availability in your country)


Square POS  is a very simple, powerful and free to use software.

It allows you to accept all major credit and debit cards with no monthly or setup fee.

It's compatible with both iOS and Android devices.


Clover is the best replacement for your cash register, receipt printer and barcode scanner. 

It's a total integrated suite which accepts all major cards, EMV and Apple Pay in your store.


Vend is a easy and powerful POS software, inventory management system and customer loyalty tool.

It's available on iPad, Mac and PC.

Good for growing your business on the cloud

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