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Easily start your Facebook store with just a few clicks.

Start social selling with FaceBook store. Let us setup the tech for you. It's easy and only takes a few minutes.
(Subject to availability in your country.)



There is ZERO fees involved.

Peace of mind with BrusselsMara. You keep 100% of the profit you make from your customers. 

Selling on Instagram made easy.

Your FaceBook store is ready and you want to sell on Instagram as well? Not a problem. We can help you setup with our BrusselsMara's FaceBook integration to connect to your Instagram Business Account.

Use product tags for your Facebook Store to make your posts and stories shoppable. When the tag is clicked, it will be redirected to your checkout page to complete the purchase.


Start Selling on Facebook Store now.

Merchants who are selling online get on average 15% of their revenue from Facebook. Imagine what can you achieve when you sell on multiple channels. Get a higher percentage of revenue when you sell on multiple channels like your website, Facebook store, Instagram Store, Google and in-store.

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