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Frequently Asked Questions

What is BrusselsMara E-Commerce?

BrusselsMara E-Commerce is a solution from BrusselsMara (Pty) Ltd designed for businesses of all sizes in mind. We provide the creative solutions to make amazing online stores and sell on multiple channels without the need of expensive programmers and designers.

How do I get paid?

Once you've setup your store and have chosen a subscription, you can start to accept payments online by all major credit/debit cards or by cash. BrusselsMara offers more than 45 methods of payments that you can choose from. If you have customers who pay you on delivery then you can simply set the payment method as cash. If you have a mix of both cash and card paying customers then you can choose the payment method that suit your needs. If your business is done on the go like trade fairs, shows, stalls, open plain market or anything else. You can use your Merchant App to process payments.


It really depends how fast and cost effective you want your shipping to be made. You may rely on a shipping company such as DHL, Fedex or other courier services which are local in your country. You can even decide if you want to deliver on your own. You can offer free shipping to attract more customers, charge a small flat rate, charge what you're being charged by your courier service or offer in-store/in-person pick-up.

Order Management 

Once someone buys something from your store, an order is placed and you get notified of it via email or push notification in your BrusselsMara Merchant App. You can easily see and manage your orders in your app on your mobile or on your computer. You can then fulfill them.

What is Instant Site?

Instant site is a very powerful tool. It is included in any monthly or yearly plan which can be used to create your fully functional store front in literally few minutes. You can also embed BrusselsMara with any existing site.

BrusselsMara for any website.

You can add your entire store, categories, products and Buy buttons to any existing website or blog in minutes. We have easy and simple integration code that just needs to be copied from your BrusselsMara dashboard and pasted into your existing site back-end. All instructions given on your BrusselsMara dashboard under Overview > Sell on your website > Custom Website.

How do I get billed? 

Each month, we’ll automatically calculate the number of active stores on your account and charge them to the card you have on file. You will be charged for any active monthly paid subscriptions, as well as any yearly paid subscriptions that were created or renewed that month.

When are subscriptions billed and renewed?

Store subscriptions are billed at either a monthly or yearly frequency. It is cheaper to pay for a yearly subscription than to pay for a monthly subscription for a year, though yearly subscriptions require an upfront payment. When you create a new store on a monthly paid subscription, you will automatically be charged every month that the plan is active. The subscription will automatically renew each month on the same date of creation.


● For example, if you create a new store on a monthly subscription on October 5th, it will renew each month on November 5th, December 5th, etc.

When you add a new annual paid subscription, you will be billed for the full year upfront. The charge will be included on that month’s payment. The subscription will automatically renew each year on the same date of creation.


● For example, if you create a new store on an annual subscription on October 5th, 2020, it will renew on October 5th, 2021.

I changed a subscription in the middle of its billing period. How does that affect my bill? 

Here are some examples of common changes and how they affect your bill:


● Subscription Upgrade: If a store is upgraded in the middle of its billing period, the increased subscription fees will be prorated at the higher amount for the remainder of the billing period. Plan features will be adjusted immediately.

● Subscription Downgrade: If a store is downgraded in the middle of its billing period, the reduced subscription price will be effective starting on its next billing period. Plan features will be adjusted immediately. 

What happens if I need to close a store?

If you need to close a store, make sure to inform us by emailing at least a week before your next payment date. This will stop any future renewals and charges. If you inform us less than a week before your next payment then you will still be charged for the coming month and your store will close a day before your next payment.


● For example, if your store monthly charge renews on December 30th and you decided to close then you should inform by latest 23rd December. Otherwise from the 24th  December, you will still be charged for the next month’s billing period (Dec 30th - Jan 30th). After that, you will not be charged for that store.

*Note, closing a store affects the storefront only. You will still be able to log into your Control Panel and access the products and past orders for 1 month maximum, but you will not be able to enable the storefront or accept new orders. 

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