Introduction to Instant Site with 99+ Designs

Embedding BrusselsMara in ANY existing website is really easy and takes literally just a few minutes without any worries about coding. But let's assume you don't have a website yet.

You have the option of spending fair amount of money and long hours to make it ready. Well, BrusselsMara will save you the misery.

BrusselsMara Instant Site: A powerful on-page website, packed with beautiful designs and lots of options to customize the design as per your requirements. With ready-made themes and customizable header layout, our Instant Site builder is a Blissss and guess what? It's completely free!

The designs have been created carefully and beautifully to leave an impact. Let's have a look at How to use the Instant Site Design Options.

Login with your Username and Password or create a free trial account if you haven't got one already as shown in the image.

Once you've logged in. You'll be able to see Control Panel with tabs on the left-hand side.

Go to the Website Tab in your BrusselsMara Control Panel as highlighted in yellow in the image. This will expand and show you Overview, Design, Domain and SEO.

Select Design and click on Edit. This will take you to a new page.

The new page will show you your online store with a few sample products pre-added. You can replace the images, rename the product descriptions or remove and add your own.